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The Skylands Chapter evolved from the Kittatinny Gobblers Chapter in 2015.
We serve Sussex County and portions of Morris and Warren Counties in Northern New Jersey and we will continue the events and activities that were run under the Kittatinny Gobblers.

Our committee members experienced our first Hunting Heritage Banquet in 2014 under the Kittatinny Gobblers name. In May of 2015, the committee elected new officers, selected a new date for the Hunting Heritage Banquet and renamed the chapter to the Skylands Chapter, NWTF.

On April 17, 2016 the Skylands Chapter held our Second Annual Hunting Heritage Banqet at the Farmstead County Club to continue the legacy of our chapter under the, Skylands banner.

Our event was success and we plan to host additional events such as a Jakes Days, WITO Events, and Wheelin' Sportsmen/Wounded Warrior Hunts.

Some of the accomplishents of the Skylands Chapter:

  • Co-hosted with the 2015 WITO Fishing Day at Walkill River NWR
  • Participated in the Walkill River, NWR Deer and Turkey Hunts for
    Wounded Warriors and Mentored Jakes


We can use your help!
If you are a turkey hunter and enjoy the success and access to turkey hunting in New Jersey, you can thank the NWTF. The NWTF has been an oustanding supporter to the NJ Div of Fish and Wildlife in bringing back this magnificent game bird.


The NWTF is a leader in conservation and preserving our hunting heritage and
has unvailed a new strategy to make more habitat suitable for wildlife and to
recruit new hunters to help preserve our hunting legacy.

The annual loss of wildlife habitat is staggering, and when coupled with the loss
of revenue from dwindling license sales, the loss is compounded.

The goals of the NWTF over the next 10 years is to save 1.4 million acres of wildlife habitat,
and help to make more than 500,000 acres accessable to hunters.

A major project is underway in PA to improve songbird habitat.
This forestry management project benefits not only the songbird,
but improves the habitat for turkeys and other wildlife.


As our existing hunting population ages, more and more hunters are leaving the woods
resulting in dwindling license sales and revenue for conservation.
To Save the Hunt, the NWTF has a goal of recruiting 1.5 million new hunters over the
next 10 years. The NWTF is working within its outreach programs to establish hunter mentoring
programs, youth education programs, and programs to recruit women and disabled hunters
to the hunting ranks.

The NWTF JAKES (Juniors Acquiring Knowledge, Ethics, & Sportsmanship) Program focuses on teaching our youth about conservation, introducing them to the shooting sports, and other outdoor recreation. At many of our Jakes events, older Jakes (10 years and older) complete hunter safety courses and earn their first hunting licenses. However, lack of experienced hunters to mentor these new hunters eventually leads them out of the woods.

Part of the Save the Hunt goals of the NWTF is to bring more mentors into the field to work with new and inexperienced hunters to help them become successfull and confident hunters who can pass on our Hunting Heritage.

The Skylands Chapter is looking forward to hosting Jakes events
WITO events, Wheelin' Sportsmen and mentored youth hunts, and with the help of additional committee members, we will be able to host these NWTF Outreach Programs.

Part of the Save the Hunt program helps to establish hunter mentoring programs for both youth and adult hunters. In addition to working with our youth, the Wheelin' Sportsmen Program, provides hunting and outdoor activites for disabled hunters. However, to put on such an event requires many volunteers. Chapters who have held these hunts, have found the experience exceptionally rewarding for both the hunters and the volunteers.

. The Skylands Chapter has only a few volunteers doing all the work of putting on our fundraisers.
In order to serve our community better, we need more volunteers.

We can always use a few more volunteers to lighten the load.

What is needed? We need volunteers to help with setup and running our banquet. We need people to help sell tickets. If we had a committee of 10, we could easily sell 100 tickets. If we had a committee of 15, we could sell that many more and run our banquet smoothly without being short-handed.

With a 10-person committee, we could hold a Jakes event, and teach our youth about conservation and hunting.

So, if you are not too busy to give back to the sport you love, please come and join us to make your sport even better. For information please contact one of the following:

Lesa McGuinness
Cristina McGannon

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