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North Jersey Open
The North Jersey Open
was held on Aug. 13 at the Sussex County Fairgrounds

This year we had very limited participation and actually had more judges and score keepers than callers.

In the Open and Friction Divisions we had two callers, Anthony Virga and Larry Scartozzi. They both placed First in one division, and Second in the other. As there were no 3rd place awards, Anthony and Larry won the same amount of prize money.

This year, the prize money came from the Skylands Chapter and the New Jersey State Chapter, as the NJ Federation of Sportsmen were unable to sponsor the contest this year.

Women in the Outdoors


The Walkill National Wildlife Refuge Staff has partnered with the NWTF to provide a hunting opportunity for special people.

This past Saturday, October 15th was our first WITO Hunt at the Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge. We had an overwhelming response to this hunt with all 4 spots being filled before we even advertised it and we had 6 alternates. I wish we could have accommodated everyone!

We ran this event in the same style we do our youth and veteran hunts and I believe all the ladies, hunters and mentors really got a lot out of this experience before we even started hunting! The weather was perfect. We did harvest 1 buck (See pictures attached) and it was such an amazing opportunity for these women to get to track, recover and field dress a deer.


The hunter that was lucky enough to get the deer, Barbara is a single mom whose daughter participated in our youth hunt as well. Her enthusiasm before, during and after was just incredible! She set a great example for the other ladies. She is beyond grateful to all of us for this chance as money is tight and this meat will fill her freezer for her and her daughter.

Aside from Barbara, one of our other hunters was a woman we had put through the Women's only Hunter Education course we held back in July. All the ladies, mentors included had really positive things to say and are already looking forward to planning a women's turkey hunt and next years archery deer hunt.

Hope everyone is enjoying fall! -
- Cristina
Wheelin' Sportsmen News

A fall bow hunt has been scheduled for Nov. 1, 2, & 3, 2016.

This hunt has been filled with hunters, but we still need several mentors to assist.

1 Mentor on Tuesday, Nov.1
If you can help out, please contact:
Chelsea DiAntonio
Wildlife Refuge Specialist
Wallkill River, Cherry Valley and Shawangunk Grasslands National Wildlife Refuges
1547 Route 565
Sussex, NJ 07461
Cell: (973) 919-4829
Office:(973) 702-7266 x 18

Walkill Youth Bow Hunt

On September 17th the FIRST Mentored Youth Archery Deer hunt was held. Our 4 youths, with their guardians were treated to a safety talk, a scouting/field session, target practice and afternoon hunt. Unfortunately we did not harvest any deer, but everyone had a great time and it was a great learning experience for ALL involved. The 4 participants are invited and are encouraged to join in the Butchering day on November 20th up at Newton HS hosted by the FFA Club.

For those involved, you know what a tremendous value these opportunities are not just for the hunters but for the parents and mentors as well. As we continue to grow our relationship with the Refuge and expand the types of hunts and open up more spots and chances to mentor, I wanted to take a moment to just share some things with all of you.

In the two years since I attended my first state board meeting, and to have been involved with these hunts from the first meeting, I am often speechless when I try to explain to people what WE are growing here. This fall we added two new mentored hunts, the Youth Archery Hunt and the Women's Archery hunt. And as in years past we will be holding a Youth Gun hunt and our Disabled/Veteran Archery hunt.

Our youth archery hunt included 3 girls and 1 boy. One of the girls mothers will be a hunter for the Women's hunt. The boy? He has participated in our Turkey and Gun Deer hunts. He and his father are beginning this journey together and they cannot express enough how much they appreciate these opportunities. It has been a joy to watch Tyler grow as a hunter over the last year. We are not only getting the kids involved, we are getting their parents involved. This is a two for one situation and something we need to foster.

Our upcoming women's hunt is FULL with a waiting list, before we even had a chance to advertise it. We anticipate a full Youth Gun hunt as well as Veteran/disabled hunt. In July we put 10 women/girls through the NJ Hunter Education Class. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Spruce Run Jakes Day which is an AMAZING event and their Wheelin' Hunt at Heron Glen.

I know I'm preaching to the proverbial choir, but this is what is happening on the ground in NJ and I think it's a testament to the hard work, dedication and support from EVERYONE involved.

If there is anyone that hasn't had a chance to attend one of these hunts or meetings and would like to, let me know and we will make it happen. Also, I wanted to invite everyone to come out to Newton HS on November 20th to join the FFA, the WRNWR Staff and the hunters and mentors for a great day of butchering, processing and grilling!

Have a great day,

Application Deadline - December 31, 2016

The Scholarship Application Period for 2016 has closed. However, is is not too early to apply for the 2016 Scholarship. Qualified applicants who submit their application in on time can compete for local, state, and national scholarship funds.

If you or someone you know is graduating in 2017, you may apply for a $250 Scholarship from your local NWTF Chapter. Winners from local chapters compete for the $1000 State Scholarship and the winner of the State Scholarship may compete for the $10,000 National, NWTF Scholarship, providing the application has been submitted early enough.

Click Here to goto the NWTF Scholarship Info Pages and to download a scholarship application.

Mathew J. Wingle, III

This year, we had two local scholarships and the NJ State Chapter Scholarship awarded.


Sean Mollahan & Will Sytsema
The Matthew J. Wingle, III Scholarship Winners
Will Systema
The New Jersey State Chapter Scholarship Winner

Special Event News

Outdoor Expo
September 18-20, 2016

Skylands Stadium
94 Championship Place
Augusta, NJ 07822

The Skylands Chapter will be at the Outdoor Expo at Skylands Stadium.
In addition to providing material and information on the NWTF and our chapter, we will also have some special activities.

Details TBA

Pequest Open House
2016 Pequest Open House
Oxford, NJ
(6 Miles West of Hackettstown on Rt 46)

The Pequest Open House was held on April 2 & 3rd.
Members of the State Chapter and Spruce Run Chapter and Skylands Chapter were present to offer NWTF Literature, coach on use of Turkey Calls, and run the Jakes Take Aim Trailer.

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and we ran the trailer only for a short time on Satuday Afternoon

Sunday was so windy that the range could not be set up and the show actually shut down early due to lack of attendence and weather.

NWTF Memberships
Regular Annual Memberships are $35 and a membership drive is now on.

The NWTF has a special membership deal for those who sign up online.
Regular Level Membeships (Reg., WITO, and Wheelin' Sportsmen) are regularly $35.

Signup online now for $35 at
NWTF "Dealhound.com
and receive a free $25 Bass Pro Shops gift card.

You can also sign up for all the other membership levels from Jakes ($10) to Centurion ($100,000 +)
Just click on the link above to learn about all the ways you can join or help the NWTF.

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